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All teams that are formed will have 8 kids max.

- Playing Time

- Competitive Live Action

- Experience

  • G

  • G

  • G

  • F

  • F

  • G

  • G/F

  • F

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- No Monthly Fees -

(only sign-up costs)

Sign Up Cost $150

(includes Uniform & Warm Up T)

Tournaments / Events

2 monthly

(pending roster availability)

(more if requested)


(split equally per attending player)

Orange County, Inland Empire,

and surrounding areas

Weekends - times TBD

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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Drill: Defensive player has to get to a spot rather than reach. Ball Handler must try and get to the bucket without turning it over.

Landyn working on his defensive footwork. Mateo works on ball handling getting to the bucket.

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